Monday, November 29, 2010

This week for Dinner

Sunday: Stake, twice baked potatoes and roasted asparagus.{ Dusty grilled the stakes with blackening seasoning... AMAZING!}
Monday: Seared Tuna, wild long grain rice and spinach
Tuesday: Chicken taco's, black beans and roasted corn
Wednesday: Vegetable lasagna, garden salad
Thursday: Left Overs
Friday: Homemade Pizza for Family movie night
Saturday: We are headed to cut down our Christmas Tree! We found a lovely little farm for a Christmas sleigh ride and they will let us cut down our own tree. After this little adventure we will be headed out to a nice family dinner. Can't wait :)

Christmas card picture {out-takes}

Let me preface by saying WOW!!!! it's hard to take pictures of kids mostly when they are this little and full of spice.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

White Christmas tree

Look at his beautiful White Christmas tree from Benny at Lily Magnolia ( she is my bloggin friend) . Isn't it inspiring! I can be overly traditional when it comes to the holidays, with pine garland and felted red and green stockings. This helps me put things into perspective. A white tree... I would have never dared... but it's absolutely lovely.


I've been sick about this for weeks, but I have decided ( gulp) not to make our Christmas cards from scratch this year. Just typing this makes me dizzy. I can't believe it. But I have needed to re-prioritize my holiday list this year. It's just to much with the move, work, and getting plans together to relaunching the Pickled Bean. The good news is Minted is my new favorite place for holiday cards. A little pricy ( since we sent out 170+ cards last year) but beautiful with great designs. Here are some of my favorites... not what I will be getting.... that will stay a surprise.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting ready

We have spent the day getting ready for Turkey and Christmas. Here is just a taste.
Table is set for the big event. Wedding china and crystal and out and shiny. Linens pressed and house is clean ( for the moment )
Homemade rolls are rising and stuffing is 1/2 done with toasted bread and sausage mushroom mixture becoming good friends over night.
Taylor and Cooper are pooped after a fun afternoon visit with the Genoveses. A nice warm fire and a Christmas movie put Taylor right to sleep.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Fish

Dusty took Taylor fishing for the first time last weekend. There is a little stocked pond right by our new house. They brought 3 pretty trout home for a fish fry. We are moving up to fly fishing asap!

The sweetest lady

The other day when I was cleaning up from dinner I turned around and saw this... Taylor had pulled up her little red chair to Cooper and was reading him a story. She is the best.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Press Release about Acro

Look at this press release about Acro Energy and there New Management Team! I am so happy for Dusty he has been truly reenergized with Acro. It has been inspiring to see how quickly he has made an impact for this company and how happy he is. We are thrilled for him! ( two promotions in 2 months is quite the accomplishment) This change was scary for us but we are blessed beyond words to have taken this huge leap of faith.

This week for Dinner

Monday: Turkey Chili with all of the fixin's and corn muffins
Tuesday: Blue Corn Crusted Tilapia, wild long grain rice and butternut sq
Wednesday: Leftovers: Dusty is taking the LA sales team out for dinner and drinks.
Thursday: Roast Chiles and Chicken bake. black beans and green salad
Friday: French Dip Sandwiches and Tater Tot's
Saturday: I will be in San Diego with Taylor visiting my girlfriends

Sunday, November 14, 2010


robert... I call him bobby, swoon

New member of the Johnson Family

{written by my cute dad}
Let me introduce you to the new member of the Johnson household. Born September 10, 2010 in Clovis CA to Bonnie and Murphy of the San Joaquin Llewellin kennel. She is a Belton Llewellin and will most likely have similar markings as her sire Murphy(see attached picture). She should start to show some color in a few months. She will be white with a sprinkle of orange/tan ticks and maybe some black ticks mixed in. She will have a very long pedigree name but we will simply call her Tess.
Cathy and I will be go to Clovis over a weekend in early November to bring her home.

They picked up little Tess this weekend. if you think Taylor and Cooper are spoiled just you wait! My Dad has been wanting this dog for as long as I can remember. It's a long time coming and we are so happy that our little Lucy has a buddy.

Welcome to the family Tess!!!

(Seriously.. look at how my dad is looking at her. darling)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am so excited about Thanksgiving! It really is my very favorite holiday. The plan was to have a full house of family and friends but it looks like we will have a very small group due to a multitude of different reasons. But don't worry I'm still planing quite the feast. Here is the plan...
Wild mushroom stuffing ( with white bread not egg and not nuts...per Dusty's request)
Mashed potatoes. Margie's recipe (my mother in law)
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Homemade dinner rolls ( with the help of the bread machine)
Pumpkin Pie with homemade whip cream

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Princess to bed.... yes please

It has been a constant fight at bedtime to get Taylor into her P.J's she only wants to wear her princess ball gowns and tinker-bell costume. I found these pretty P.J's from A little more than I would typically spend for nightgowns but worth every penny to help with getting her off to bed. Perfect for Christmas!

{ great gift idea for the grandparents. wink wink}

Just a taste...

...of our new place. More pictures and a video when the pictures are hung.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting back to "normal"

We are finally getting back to normal around here. We still have a little more organization to do. Pictures still need to be hung and the garage needs to be cleaned but we really have made some amazing progress. Taylor and Cooper are doing great and adjusting well. The time change has taken us for a little loop but other than that we are thrilled to be back with Dusty. Taylor started at a new preschool this week. I was overly concerned with finding the right fit and I am so happy to say that we found the BEST place. The school offers cooking and music classes every week has it's own personal library , each teacher has a masters degree in early education and they have the MOST amazing enrichment programs. They even ship in 14 tons of snow for a school snow day. We are so lucky that we got there last spot!! I finally found a wonderful nanny to help 2 days a week while I'm working. These were very big shoes to fill... we miss our Kaki sooooooo much. Taylor asks for her every day. Pammy starts tomorrow she has been a nanny for 10 years. She come with the most amazing references. Taylor loves her and Cooper melted in her arms. It looks like she will be a great fit.
First day at her new school!
She was very excited! Love the double chin action in this pic.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye Sweet San Diego we will miss you

yes, Cooper is in this picture too......just in my belly

3 years of trick or treats

Last saturday we spent the evening at our third annual mommy group Halloween party. The night was bitter sweet. It was wonderful getting everyone together but heart breaking knowing that we were leaving these wonderful families in San Diego. We are truly blessed to have each and everyone of them in our lives. There were a lot of tears as the party started to end... I even cried myself to sleep that night thinking about the move.... at least we are only 2 hours and 38 minutes away ( and I've already planned our next 2 trips down to visit: both before Christmas!)
here are the pictures of the babies over the last few years...
1st year
2nd year
3rd year
and Lucy, our first baby 4 years ago.

Halloween Party and Trick o treats

3rd annual Halloween Party

Pretty Bumble
Wishing she was wearing a dress

pumpkin heard
bumbles and bee keepers
Darling little bees

trick or treats. yup wanted to be a princess so we changed last minute...SHOCKER
Taylor loved trick or treating with Daddy. She said please and thank you to each household. A true princess.


We started Cooper on Rice cereal last week in an effort of pack on the pounds!

Nana was a big help feeding our little man his first bite